In Quam we work to improve customer interaction processes. We have a significant expertise in retail sector, mainly in the area of point of sales automation.
Our automated devices for bill payments are currently servicing most of all cash payments for many telecom operators in Croatia, BIH, Montenegro and Macedonia.
We are specialized in mass transactions customer service processes, ranging from bill payments, prepaid voucher distribution, registration to ticket sales and QMS.
Our success is measured through our client savings and their efficiency increases.

Anto Grgic

Technical director

Anto obtained his degree in Electrotechnical engineer in the faculty of Zagreb. He has an extensive career in technical fields in Siemens where he got the position of Solution Sales and Services Manager for South and West Europe.
Passionate about technology, he is leading R&D in Quam

Gustavo PĂ©rez

Managing Partner

Gustavo obtained an MBA at Instituto the Empresa in Madrid. He got also a GMP in customer relationship management in London Business School. He is graduated in Mechanical Engineer at the Valladolid University in Spain.
Gustavo has developed an extensive career in telecommunications. As business consultant, he participated in sales and customer service development projects in Latin America and Europe. Later he was leading customer services in Hrvatski Telekom.

Bojan Jaksic

Support team

Bojan is passionate about IT and also about dealing with customers. He is a member of our support team since August 2017.
Tanja Minarik

Tanja Minarik

Front-end Developer

Tanja has graduated from Graphics design high school in Zagreb.
She worked as an Associate in Graphics shaping and design sector in Pliva d.o.o,
after which she worked in Punctumstudio d.o.o.
She is currently self-employed in her own company Tatjana dizajn d.o.o. and works
for Quamatik as an external associate.