QUAM-Q : the intelligent way to manage Queues

Quam-Q is an innovative solution to manage queues in your retail outlets

Quam Q and customer experience:
  •  With our solution you will be able to have a segmented approach to your customers, offering higher quality standards to better customers.
  • Our interactive, multimedia approach will allow customers to book appointments in advance from everywhere via Internet or SMS or APP.
  • You can also manage customer expectations while waiting, by informing them of expected waiting time, and even alarming the customers when they are about to be attended.
  • Quam Q offers the possibility to measure customer feedback for every transaction, having a complete report about quality and productivity per shopper transaction and per employee.
Quam Q and shop productivity
  • And, what about productivity? Our soft agent application includes a set of statistics on agent´s screens to motivate higher levels of productivity.
  • It will also help you to reduce operational times. Quam-Q identifies the customer when he is choosing the service (taking the number). Then, when the customer arrives at the specific counter, his information will be already on the screen of the representative, propagated to all necessary systems, saving time for clerks.
  • Last, but not least, the whole set of productivity report will allow you to identify what process in the shop has to be improved or to score your employees.

Value for money

  • Best in class HW components
  • Powerful SW solution
  • At least 30% discount over leading solution in the market

Modularity/ flexibility

  • We adjust to customer needs in terms of complexity and budget
  • From a very basic platform, to have the possibility to book appointments via APP and to have a whole content management system integrated

Easy to install

  • Web application
  • All wireless, no cabling in shops

Powerful reports

  • Reports on footfall,  performance of shop and employees, reason codes, customer experience…
  • All reports are accessible from everywhere, even from your mobile phone

Easy cheap maintenance

  • You will be able to change the design of panels totems, screens…
  • High-quality HW components to warrantee maximum uptime
  • Low cost per printed ticket